As a member of the IHMM Board of Directors, I periodically update Certificants and NEOCHMM Chapter Members of developments at IHMM.

The IHMM Board of Directors held their Second Quarter 2019 meeting at IHMM’s new offices in Rockville, MD. Work continued on development and refinement of the 2019 Strategic Plan.

Based on that plan, IHMM announced six Strategic Initiatives for Improving Our Services to Certificants. IHMM has met with the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (“AHMP”) on these initiatives. The AHMP has agreed to help support the IHMM in the implementation of all six Strategic Initiatives. IHMM has begun implementation of those six Strategic Initiatives and details will be announced on the Website.

The IHMM also announced integration of safety certifications from the Institute of Health Safety Management (IHSM) into IHMM.  We would like to welcome all those Certficants in the IHMM and we look forward to ISO and ANSI Accreditation for those Certifications in the future.

As always, one the most important activities the Certificants can do to enhance the value of their credential, is to mentor young professionals. Then encourage those young processionals to sit for the exam and become certified professionals.