As a Board Member of IHMM, I am pleased to provide you with quarterly updates of the proceedings at the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management or “IHMM.”

As previously announced, IHMM has decertified those Certificants that were seriously in arrears in payment of their fees.  Exhaustive efforts were made to contact these individuals by telephone, mail, e-mail and even social media.  The contact information that IHMM had for these Certificants was often dated and it was difficult to find them.  Many had apparently retired or left the hazardous materials field.  Those who now have second thoughts may qualify for the IHMM Re-instatement policy.  Those individuals should contact the IHMM Office, as soon as possible, to see if they are eligible for re-instatement.  IHMM as offers a “Retiree” status, which allows a person to remain in our database for networking and professional communications, even though you did not recertify upon retirement.

Certificants are obligated to keep their contact information current with IHMM and respond to inquiries as to the status of their certification. IHMM recommends that Certificants provide work and home addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, so you can receive timely communications about your credential.   IHMM also recommends that you immediately start your next recertification application. As you accrue certification maintenance points, you can enter your supporting documentation into the application in real time.  Simply save the application and add information as time goes on.  Then, when it comes time to submit your application for recertification, much of the work is already done !