Are you old school?

When it comes to re-certification, old school is not where it is at.   There was a time, being old school, when your five year certification cycle came to an end, you would collect all your paperwork, document your re-certification points, pay your fee , confirm you were recertified and basically check-out of being contact with the Institute for another five years.

My, how times have changed !

Do you know the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management has been trying to get a hold of you?   How can they, when your contact information may be up to 5 years old and out-of-date?

  • Please log in to My IHMM, change your password and update your contact information.
  • Manage your Contact Preferences.  Provide us with a personal contact and a professional contact address, e-mail and phone number.  In the event you change jobs, positons, job location, or even a home or cell phone number, you are covered both ways.  Yes, you can “opt out” at any time.
  • Manage your Directory Preferences.  Indicate how you would like your information to appear in the online directory.  What? You don’t appear in the on-line directory?  That’s because you did not Manage your Directory Preferences.
  • Pay Open Invoices.   What invoices you say?  You paid at recertification?  Nope, for a long while you have paid nothing at recertification, but your recertification fees are now Annual Certification Maintenance Fees.  Yes, the Board adopted this policy a while back for any number of reasons, including smoothing out cash flow for the Institute.   If you are in arrears on Fees, please bring your account current or you could be decertified.   But I paid my DUES to AHMP.  Good for you, but we are the Institute and we have FEES to maintain your certification.   The institute has been independent of the Academy for a long time. (You really are old school, aren’t you?)

Did you know?

The institute has been upgrading its Certificant Software Program for the last two years.  Early on, there were some issues, but most of those have now been addressed and new features are being added quarterly.

  • You may qualify for our Reinstatement Policy.  This policy was developed, in part, to overcome complications in the Software Program that may hindered timely application for recertification or payment of fees.   Contact IHMM for assistance on using this policy.
  • You can start a recertification application at any time. There is no need to wait to your last year In the certification cycle.  You can add information concerning recertification activities at any time.  Be sure to save the documentation of the activity, such as training certificates, in the event of an audit.
  • By having your information current, you will be contacted by e-mail, phone or even USPS concerning your recertification process and fees.  Of course, it is your responsibility to keep your information current and respond to Institute inquiries on a timely basis, but we will try to meet you half way.    If you don’t keep your information current or are not good about reading and making a timely response to e-mails; picking up the phone when we call; opening your postal mail or paying fees, then you may be decertified.
  • By keeping your information current, you will be notified about serving on the Board of Directors, voting for Directors, serving on Committees, applying to be a Fellow and receiving our newsletter, IHMM Today.  Yes, perspective Certificants and friends of the Institute can subscribe to IHMM Today free-of charge.

So get out of the old school rut, and update your information, today.  Explain the benefits of Certification to your peers and associates.  Encourage them to apply for certification, today!