On Monday, October 3, 2022, the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management will begin its 2022 elections for the IHMM Board of Directors, for 3 seats with service beginning January 1, 2023. Elections will close on November 4, 2022.

Certificants in good standing will be sent a secure election ballot by an outside firm specializing in elections. Good Standing means you have paid your fees and have your current contact information on file. If you need to pay fees or update your contact information. just log on to MY IHMM and follow the menu.   Contact one of the IHMM Staff to let them know that you have may your account current, so they can arrange to send you a ballot.

The three seats up for election in 2022 are [1] seat for a CDGP, [1] seat for a CSHM, and [1] seat for At-Large, which can come from a CHMM, CDGP, CHMP, CSHM, or CSMP   The Board of Directors recently updated the IHMM Constitution and Bylaws to all allow for an election of at least one Certificant on the Board representing each significant Certification. Additional Board members from any Certification can be elected to an “At Large” position.  Since the merger with ISHM, a number of CSHM’s or CSMP’s have come forward to be in the election. A number of CHMM’s remain on the Board and the total number of members of the BoD has been downsized to make the Board more manageable.

Your participation in this election helps keep the Institute responsive and relevant. Vote today !