The ACGI client services software used by IHMM has progressed to the point where we hope Applicants and Certificants are having a good user experience.  

As a test, two of the Board members, including me, were up for recertification. In going through the recertification process, we purposely entered technically incomplete or inaccurate information, at various stages in the application process. Indeed, the software program did pick-up those deficiencies in each stage of the process. Then we asked for help, by e-mail or on the phone, to see how the staff would help us in correcting those deficiencies. We received the correct feedback in a timely manner.

Once we did enter the correct information and corrected any related deficiencies, the program accepted our applications and then immediately put us into the audit status. By policy, all Board members must be audited. Once the documentation proving we had the proper training for recertification points was entered, our recertification application was approved.   One Board member stated his application the first day into his last year of certification and was approved for re-certification, essentially a year before his current certification expired. I started my application about 75 days before my recertification was due and entered the proper information on the day before it expired. The software processed my application and then my audit information on that day and I was recertified on the day before my current certification was going to expire.

To help you on your recertification:

1. Log on NOW and make sure your work AND home contact information is correct. That way, IHMM has two means to contact you. It is your responsibility to make sure this contact information is correct.

2. Log on NOW and start your recertification application. As you go through training or other activities, enter that information concurrently into the application. May sure you have documentation of those activities in the event you are selected for an audit.   Don’t wait for 5 years, when your recertification application is due, to try and collect all that information for the application.

3. Log on NOW and make sure you have paid your annual fees. To assist IHMM in managing cash flow, your fees are due once per year near the annual anniversary date of your certification. And NO, IHMM fees are not dues you pay to AHMP. IHMM fees maintain the staff and programs of IHMM, as well as third party (ANSI and CESB) accreditation of our certifications.

4. If life events get in your way of timely recertification, IHMM does offer a grace period and re-instatement policy, for those that qualify. Immediately contact the staff to see if you can complete your recertification application in a prompt manner. The ACGI program will send you timely reminders to pay your fees and apply for recertification, assuming your contact information on file is current. However, it is your responsibility to pay fees and file a recertification application in a timely manner.