On Tuesday November 19th, in association with the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (“AWMA”), members of NEOCHMM, toured the NEORSD Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station.

Located off E. 140th street and abutting I-90/SR-2 eastbound, this pump station is an integral part of NEORSD efforts to capture up to 98% of the combined sewer overflow from rainfall events having a 5-year frequency or less.  The pump station is designed to take sewerage and stormwater from the Euclid Creek and Dugway tunnels and route this wastewater to the NEOSRD “Easterly” Wastewater Treatment Plant. The base of the facility is about 220 feet underground.  It has multiple pumps to dewater up to 140 million gallons held in the tunnels over a 24 hour period.   It is part of the NEORSD’s Long Term Control Plan (“LTCP”) to design, build and operate collection tunnels in is service area to capture and treat combined sewer overflows.  NEORSD will eventually have seven of such tunnels costing over $1 billion; five of which are currently under design, construction or in operation.

NEOCHMM thanks AWMA for allowing us to participate in the tour. NEOCHMM also thanks NEORSD for providing everyone for a very interesting tour of another one of their facilities