Han Maung, CHMM,

NEOCHMM president 2010

It was with great sadness that Venky Venkatesh informed us that Han Maung had passed away. I was fortunate to be able to attend the wake with Venky.

I wanted to share a little of how I knew Han Maung. We worked together the first time in about 1991, he was on the Morrison Knudsen (MK) project at Kodak. I was up on a few days fill-in assignment. Our paths crossed multiple times during the few days I was there. He was a man of few words but always a smile, nod and energy to get the job done. Fast forward a few years and I was on a different job site in CLE and Han had been transferred to CLE and he came out to do small tasks for us. We were next both on the NAVFAC project with Venky. He had great rapport with the base clients and contractual clients.

I left MK for the airport project and lost touch until I returned to MK (then Washington Group Int) in 2006. Han and I were on several project and traveled to Azerbaijan together. Again, he had great rapport with the clients. In the interim, Han had also worked on the Chernobyl project as well as other Former Soviet Union projects.  

We stayed in touch because of NEOCHMM after I left WGI (at that point it was URS) until he retired. Many of us tried to persuade him to continue to attend meetings after retirement but he declined.

Erik, Han and Venky, EHS Social.

Erik, Han and Venky, EHS Social.  

“The thing I remember most about Han is that I don’t recall ever seeing him unhappy or angry.  He always seemed to have a smile on his face.  He was good colleague and he will be missed.” Herb Mausser 

EHS Social – we were still at the Power House -what year was this?  Erik, Elise, Han, Marsha Kramer (MK/WGI)

EHS Social – we were still at the Power House -what year was this?  Erik, Elise, Han, Marsha Kramer (MK/WGI)

han 003

AHMP conference 2006, Washington DC – (WGI person, Elise, Han).