NEOCHMM Committees

The goal of a NEOCHMM “committee” is to sustain the development of the chapter by:

Please Consider Joining one of the following committees:

Membership CommitteeResponsible for recruitment of new members and maintenance of current members.

Communications Committee – Responsible for communicating information to the membership via the newsletter, website, and other media outlets.

Program Committee – Responsible for the planning of NEOCHMM meetings, including topics and locations

If you would be interested in becoming the chair of a committee (worth 2 CMP’s per year!), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Chester Covert, NEOCHMM Past President

Minimum Two other members (non-board)





Communications Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Mark Lamb, NEOCHMM Secretary and

Elise Allen-Frankenfield, ACHMM Board Member

Key Committee Person: Mike Mencin—NEOCHMM Webmaster

Minimum: One Other Member (non-board)





Program Committee

Chair: Venky Venkatesh, NEOCHMM Vice-President.

Subcommittee Chairs: David Katila, Member-at-Large
                                            Dave Gura, Member-at-Large

Minimum: Two additional (non-board) members.


Standing Subcommittee: Overview Course and ACHMM Exam

Standing Subcommittee: Networking Social, Social Meeting or Joint meeting with associated organizations.

Standing Subcommittee: Community Outreach--Earth Day-- Cleveland Earth Day Coalition or other Event.

Ad Hoc Tour Subcommittee




Additional notes:

President: Mark Baumgardner--De Facto Coordinator of all activities and fill in where others fall down. Sets agenda, tone and style of chapter for the year. Coordinates with National Organizations.


Duties of the NEOCHMM Treasurer



Prepared by Mark Baumgardner
Chapter Past President
October 22, 2008  (rev. 3)