IHMM is pleased to announce the launch of the Student Associate Safety and Health Manager [ST/ASHM] credential. Modeled after the highly successful Student CHMM program, the Student ASHM credential reaches into colleges and universities to students studying disciplines that could eventually lead to the ASHM and then the CSHM credentials.

IHMM’s Student Associate Safety & Health Manager (ST/ASHM ®) credential recognizes students who wish to demonstrate their development of knowledge and skills in safety and health management in the workplace while pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree.

There are 1.5 million Bachelor’s degrees awarded by universities and colleges every year. The average student spends thousands of dollars to achieve something that 1.5 million other students also have. While undeniably valuable, you need more than a Bachelor’s degree to clearly distinguish yourself from everyone else in a highly competitive job market. That’s where professional certification becomes so valuable to you. With IHMM and the Student ASHM credential, you enter a path to being in the top 1% of your professional community. See >