Ohio EPA, Division of Materials and Waste Management, is developing an online system for completing and submitting annual reports due on April 1st of each year. The service is being developed using the Re-TRAC platform, and we believe this will make the annual reporting process easier for facilities while also allowing the state to better analyze the data we receive.

The new format essentially contains all the previous sections as before, plus some additional data (as applicable) for active landfills from the daily log tables and your operating records as follows:

The online format will be available for active landfills, closed landfills, and transfer facilities annual reports and will include such features as:

Although we highly encourage all facilities to use the online service, downloadable PDF forms will still be available on our website (updated forms for 2019 will be available soon).

We anticipate having both the online and hard copy formats available by the end of January 2020.